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Volumize Hair Extensions

Over the years Mike has helped us with our website. Starting with a simple catalogue site with a PayPal button, through to the current full shop website that's optimised for mobile and iPad customers.
Sophie Pamment


How much do you charge?

How much do we charge? A good question which I will try and shed a little light on.

A very simple single page site would start at around £250, while a more complex site, that could either be a single page or multiple pages would maybe fall into the £700+ category. Add on more customisation added content and functionality and this adds to the price too.

Would you like a commerce shop? Then typically as the options mover form a simple PayPal button, the time and thus cost does rise accordingly.

What we do however ensure is that a price quoted for a particular brief is one that will be the same at the end of the project.

How long does it take to build a website?

The complexity of a website does usually affect the amount of time it takes to build. Taking a simple single page website which could be made within a day to a complex site that could take many weeks to build.

If we can get all of the content, pictures and any text at the start of a project. This usually makes for a quicker build.

We aim to get a good understanding of what is needed at the outset of a project and who will be providing the content and what order this takes before a project starts.

Can you design a logo?

Yes we can design a logo, refresh an existing logo, indeed we can handle any aspect of your visual brand. Crucially we know how to use colours that work perfectly in print and on the web.

Also we know what limitations can be placed on a logo that is perhaps needed to be embroidered, displayed on social media, printed in a magazine or in a newspaper. What’s important is your brand looking great all of the time.

Do you offer different packages?

Yes, we can package up a plan that will include a website, hosting, social media posts and even print too.

For example. A new start up might want a website, a facebook page, logo, business cards and an insight into how to create good quality posts with specific landing pages on the web.

We can offer all of this at very competitive rates.

Do you make Facebook Pages?

Yes we do. However, creating a Facebook page is only a few minutes work. Adding relevant images and posts to engage your audience takes a little longer and is something we can do or at the very least point you in the right direction to be able to manage that yourself.

Typically, social media works best when you can create specific landing pages on your website that link to posts and content that you’ve started talking about in the social world.

If you’re a Facebook user now and want to use that social knowledge to help promote your business, we can show you how.

How long do you offer support?

Perhaps you would like us to build a site and that’s all, or maybe you would like us to refresh a particular part of your existing site. We can do wither of these.

But maybe you’d like to have a website built that grows with your business over the years and with that our understanding of what you’re looking to achieve will grow with you. It’s this kind of relationship that we’re really proud of being able to foster with many of our clients.

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