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Mike Dawson

Stuido Manager

The founder of nettl Norwich

Mike is the Studio Manager and founder of all things Nettl in Norwich. After graduating from Art School in the mid nineties Mike carved a successful career as an animator, responsible for many on air graphics that you’ve probably seen over the years, cutting edge uses of digital imagery for television, game design and many high end techno textiles to have toured the world. 

Over the last eleven years he’s been the driving force of printing.com in Norwich. With his passion for design in the digital age and attention to a clients end goal is what makes Mike happy.

Favourite Pass Time: Swimming – Mike is in training to swim the English Channel.

Leah Hallam


Your brand is in safe hands

Leah is an excellent designer with over a decade of experience in assisting our clients with everything design related in Norwich. She can guide you from the start of a concept through to the most complex of design challenges. She is a key account manager for many of our clients and over the years they’ve come to recognise how she is a valuable part of their marketing plan. She’ll remember that design she created for you five years before and be able to point you int he direction that will best fit with your goal. 

Favourite Pass Time: Climbing – a wall or rock face will do nicely.

Could you benefit from our expertise?

So, you love your business? You have an idea that you would perhaps like to realise? Yet aren't too sure where to start? We would love to help.

Our Top Tips for making a design impact

Take time to indentify

Take time to identify your market, who you're marketing to, what they're looking to gain from you and what you're offering to them.

One step at a time

You've got that name, you've got the domain name, you've perhaps started trading. Yet what are you aiming for? What plan do you have to get to where you want to be? Step back for one moment and plan a decisive first step in the direction you want to go.

De Clutter for added impact

WIth each message comes to chance to engage with a client or potential new client. Aim to catch their attention with a simple message and call to action.

Simple is usually best

Want to get a message or idea across quickly? The simple to understand option and easy to read logo is usually the best. The world is littered with great examples of this. Just do it!

Embrace imagery, create a buzz and have fun

Grab a camera, take a pic

Social media is your friend

Stay focused on your message

We all love a good image

Have fun, we all like to feel that warm glow

A four legged friend might help?

Get your tribe to shout your message

Or just some friends and family

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